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Access to Ny-Ålesund

Driving conditions over the so-called "Skråkjøringa" are good. The eastern slope by Tyskerhytta leading to cliff may have some icy spots. It is today the safest way to drive to/from Ny-Ålesund from/to Kongsveggen.
The actual snow fall should improve the conditions.

Remember to drive on the roads when approaching town and respect instrumentation areas where scooterdriving is prohibited (see map on the right - Driving Snowmobile in Ny-Ålesund).

(Map: Norwegian Polar Institute)


Strong wind to expect on Sunday

New warning from the Governor. 
Wind will increase on Saturday evening to become pretty strong on Sunday with stormy event. Precipitation may decrease the visibility.

Take this warning seriously if you plan a trip this weekend.


Snow Sampling Site on Austre Brøggerbreen

Black carbon snow sampling has started on Austre Brøggerbreen. 

Please, don’t follow the scooter tracks on that area, unless it is necessary. 

Position: approximately 33 X 433685 8757631

Contact: Sverdrup Station, NPI


Notification of very bad weather during the weekend

Governor has received the following notice from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute in Tromsø:

Sunday, a strong low pressure system passing northeast of the Fram Strait. This will give a lot of wind and precipitation on Svalbard during Sunday. 
Sunday morning, southeasterly storm is expecting. Blowing snow will give very poor visibility conditions. Gradually rising temperature. 

Governor urges everybody who intends to go on trip to take into account this weather notification.


Uversbreen - update

Pictures from September and December 2014 show that Uversbreen is still moving/surging. Note that it is normal to record lower speed during the cold season.

The fact that the ice of Uversbreen is currently moving much faster than other land-terminating glaciers means that it is bound to be crevassed, and all parts of it should be assumed risky for travel.

Consider alternative routes.

Source: CRIOS project, Doug Benn, Heidi Sevestre and Adrian Luckman (UNIS/Swansea University).
Data source: TerraSAR-X (Copyright DLR, 2014)


High avalanche risk at the moment

Due to the last snowfall, the avalanche risk is very high.
Avalanches have been spotted along the scooter trail at Skaret. More snowfall, wind and warm temperature are forecast for the coming days. Be aware!


Glaciers around Ny-Ålesund

Some of the glaciers around Ny-Ålesund have new crevasse pattern. Therefore it is not recommended to drive on Uversbreen, Comfortlessbreen and Aavatsmarkbreen.

Uversbreen (possible on-going surge)

Crevasse field on the lower part of the glacier (picture taken towards E, with Bogegga on the left, Gåvetoppen in the background)

Crevasse field on the upper part of the glacier
(picture taken towards ESE, with Hofgaardtoppen on the right)

Aavatsmarkbreen (surging, high danger!)

Open crevasses across the whole glacier
(picture taken towards N, with Skanken in the background)

Glacier front
(picture taken towards NW, with Sarsøya in the background)